NHS vs Bump2baby Reality Antenatal Classes

Bump2baby Reality are a private provider of antenatal education and postnatal support.

Our antenatal courses are designed to complement the NHS maternity services. All of our educators have a professional health care background and have worked both within the NHS and private sectors. Here are some differences between what we can offer compared to the NHS;

NHS Antenatal Courses
Bump2baby Reality Antenatal Courses
  • NHS focus on health during pregnancy and labour.

  • How to look after your baby after the birth including infant feeding
Bump2baby Reality classes cover:
  • pregnancy and birth,

  • practical baby care,

  • physical and mental health,

  • relationships and support,

  • breathing,

  • relaxation and massage,

  • baby brain development,

  • breastfeeding and formula feeding,

  • role of the birth supporter,

  • your recovery after birth.

Optional women and men only classes as part of each antenatal course.
You may get the opportunity to get to know other mums and dads-to-be in the class
Because the classes typically last longer than the NHS classes, (16-hour) prospective parents more often form lasting friendships.

This is important to bear in mind if the social aspect is important to you when choosing between different classes.
The NHS classes can be anything from a single two-hour session to a series of classes over several weeks.

Hospitals tend to arrange and fund the NHS classes themselves and so the set-up of the classes can vary between different areas. Ask your midwife what’s available.
Our courses are facilitated over 16-hours.

12-hours of the course is attending by the whole group. We offer a 2-hour optional Just4dads session held in a local pub and a 2-hour optional woman only session held during our weekly coffee morning.

We bring together a wider local network of expectant and new parents.
Discuss options of where and how to give birthChoice of place of birth is discussed in all courses PLUS what options are available to you in your chosen birth setting. Consultant Unit, Midwifery Led Unit and Homebirth
Find out what your local NHS hospital offers in terms of pain relief
Understand the advantages and disadvantages of different forms of pain relief and understand what each unit offers enabling you to make the right choices for you and your baby.
You may get a tour of the maternity unit or this may be organised separately
No fee for NHS classes
Our 16-hour antenatal courses are £185.00 per couple.
We offer group and 1-2-1 antenatal preparation
NHS Classes are usually facilitated by midwives
Our classes are facilitated by local experienced Birth Practitioners including Antenatal and Hypnobirthing Educators, Pregnancy Yoga Teacher, Midwives, Health Visitors
Weekly coffee morning offering continued pre-and post-birth support. Building local networks of expectant and new parents.
Our educators are all registered practitioners and maintain their professional development requirements. To ensure we are up to date with national and local maternity practices we are involved with Warwick and Coventry Maternity Units. One educator lectures to student midwives at Coventry University.
24/7 Social Media Support via closed Facebook groups.


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