Infant Feeding Services & Home Visits

It is often assumed that feeding your baby is the most natural and easy process that just happens without a worry. However, for many parents it can be a challenging and stressful journey, which overshadows your enjoyment of those special first days and sometimes weeks.

We are pleased to have Teresa Chambers from Feeding UnTied as part of the Bump2baby Reality team. Teresa has many years of experience working with parents to resolve infant feeding issues.

Teresa knows how crucial it can be when you have “come to the end of your tether” you need an immediate response and will always endeavour to see you between the hours of 9am – 5pm the same day or next day (Mon-Fri) and within 36 hours (if calling at the weekend).

Feeding UnTied  will support you to feed your baby with confidence, empowering you to understand your baby and build knowledge in your chosen feeding method. We believe that the most important aspect in supporting new parents is to give you evidence-based information to make truly informed choices. Whether you choose to breastfeed, express or formula feed (or a combination of all), it is your choice and we are there to support you.

Too many parents feel pressurised into methods they are not comfortable with, but without the support to do anything else. Any breast milk you are able to feed your baby is great, however little you think that may be and the relationship between you and your baby has to be paramount. “A happy parent is a happy baby”.

To book an initial free telephone conversation, please call Teresa on 07588 123284
or complete our on-line booking form.