group of women at an antenatal class in Warwickshire

What our clients say…

Ali and I got involved with B2B via the taster antenatal course. The session was so good and Helen’s advice so balanced that we booked for the full course straight away and were not disappointed.
We were looking for advice and guidance based on the realities of childbirth and not to be pushed down one route or another because that was the flavour of the moment. Helens advice was perfect. Explanations were detailed so you can understand why things happen the way they do and what to be mindful of. It was great fun too with the dads getting actively involved. Damn that suit was heavy!!
I would recommend B2B in a heartbeat and I haven’t even mentioned the coffee mornings yet! We’ve made friends and introduced friends. Couldn’t be happier ? ? ?


Darren December 2016

I cannot recommend bump2baby highly enough. My husband and I attended the early pregnancy class when we had just moved to the area. The class was informative and fun and Helen really made an effort to connect us to other expectant and new parents. We quickly decided to do the antenatal class with her as well and it was worth every Penny. We met lovely couples who we still meet now – one year later. Before and after our son was born I often went to coffee mornings to chat with other mums and enjoy a biscuit and tea. The best thing for me was to know there is always someone to talk to, either mums in the same situation or professionals, in person or online, that was so reassuring and helpful.

Karolin December 2016

We first joined Bump2baby for an early pregnancy course and decided to continue to do an ante-natal course as Helen was so friendly, informative, knowledgable and supportive. There was no pressure to do anything you didn’t feel comfortable with although Helen encouraged us all to get involved and make friends with the other couples. She helped us to consider all sorts of things labour-, and baby-related and empowered us to make informed choices. The continued support in the early days of parenthood was also invaluable from help with breastfeeding to mopping up sleep-deprived tears. My husband and I thoroughly recommend Bump2baby and can’t thank them enough for all of their support.

Sarah December 2016

My husband Jon and I attended the antenatal course with Kate back November 2015,just a fun-tastic course! Kate was informative encouraging and so supportive. She really made my husband and I feel at ease and alleviated all our concerns and worries.
Our little boy William arrived in January via water birth and we certainly put what learnt into practice-thank you so much Kate you were fab!!! Can’t recommend the courses enough xxxxx

Emily April 2016

I recently attended the early pregnancy class and I remained completely satisfied. The class exceeded my expectations and I recommend it to new mums like me. In the space of 2 hours, I learnt so much about how my baby is developing through the weeks and about my pregnancy. It’s incredible how many things we don’t know and this course is actually better than a book that you will spend ages reading and might not even understand. Helen is wonderful in how she answers your questions and puts you at ease about your concerns. Her methods are efficient and I left the class with so much more confidence and knowledge than I had before as a new mum. The class is great for all stages of pregnancy and I will recommend it to all the mums that are expecting a little bundle of joy.

Nadia February 2016