group of women at an antenatal class in Warwickshire

What our clients say…

We went to the free pregnancy evening and found it really interesting. It was a relaxed environment where you could ask questions and get to meet other local expectant parents. Helen who led the evening was very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. I’d highly recommend this as a starting point for any pregnant couple.

Nicola January 2018

The Bump2baby Reality follow on course for existing parents was very effective and was a great way of re-focussing on the birth preparation and life with a new born baby. All the essential areas were covered and re-capped (birth options, pain relief, parenting, new born care etc), as well as new material relating to the existing child’s needs as the family changes and grows. I would definitely recommend this course, and it really gave us time to discuss, reflect and support each other as a group, without the constant distraction of a toddler!

Sam December 2017

We have just completed an antenatal refresher course with Helen a few weeks before expecting our second baby and would highly recommend it to any second or third time parents looking for a refresher course. The course covers a useful reminder of crucial topics such as pain relief options and changes to the NICE guidelines as well as advice on adapting to changing family dynamics and introducing a new baby into the family, often for many couples, with an already demanding sibling at home! Helen comes with a wealth of knowledge from her own experience of having 2 children but also from her involvement in the local maternity partnerships. The information provided by Helen on the local hospital policies and the options available to women is extremely useful and I can now say that we have gone from not being very prepared at all for a second arrival to dare I say it… nearly there! Thank you Helen. What a great course!

Sarah December 2017

My husband Tim and I attended the free early pregnancy course and were really impressed. Helen was lovely and the session was very informative yet relaxed and friendly. I was attending their prep for birth yoga class the very next day!

Katherine November 2017

Wonderful! We have just completed the Antenatal course and thoroughly enjoyed it. We learned A LOT! Highly recommend to new mum and dads-to-be out there

Jackie October 2017

Such a brilliant course and Helen and Lynn are lovely! Couldn’t recommend enough.

Lynsey October 2017

My wife and I attended the antenatal classes with Helen and after discussing elements of our nervousness about the birth, we decided to attend the hypnobirthing workshop too. This was one of the best decisions we made. Helen is extremely knowledgeable and the classes were highly informative yet relaxed and really made us feel prepared. My wife was absolutely incredible with the birth of our little one and I truly believe that everything we learnt from Helen and the hypnobirthing techniques my wife used throughout labour lead to the extremely quick and surprisingly relaxed birth of our first little one. We would highly recommend both classes for any expecting parents. Thank you again Helen!


Jack - September 2017

Thank you very much, Helen, for organising these classes and for putting so much of your heart into it! My husband and I attended the last week’s session and it was amazing! It broke so many of my stereotypes and brought us so much knowledge – I never imagined that this was possible in two hours! It was good to meet other couples and have not a lecture but a nice and relaxed conversation in a circle.

Tatiana J June 2017

Me & my partner have just completed our B2B Antenatal Classes with Helen & they have been invaluable. The classes are so informative & no question is stupid. We felt like we’ve finished the classes with so much more confidence in what we’re doing & knowing that there are others in the same boat makes you feel so much more relaxed. The group we were in are so friendly & it’s been lovely meeting other expectant parents to share experiences with. The sessions are just the right length although this can be longer if you’re in a really interactive group, which we were. Helen went through all the medical info we would need to have the baby & also provided practical tips for caring for the baby once he/she is here. Using her own experiences as examples made everything seem more really. There is absolutely no pressure to do anything you don’t want to do, which I had felt from some people (especially breastfeeding), she gave such good advice on how to deal with situations, including family/friends/relationships as well which was a definite wake up call for us. Overall absolutely fab experience! I will be recommending to everyone!

Laura B February 2017

We attended the Early Pregnancy evening, the ante natal course and Prep4Birth classes. All were friendly, informative and fun sessions that proved invaluable in pregnancy, labour and beyond. Lynn and Helen were both brilliant, offering excellent advice and support.

Lizzie A June 2017