Antenatal Just4dads

“It was great to have a Just4dads session where I found I could talk more openly about subjects I wouldn’t feel confident about with my partner present. I also found shared ideas of fatherhood very enlightening. I would highly recommend it”

Our Just4dad sessions are incorporated into the full antenatal course and are optional.

It’s not just mums who want to do the best for their baby, dads do too! At Bump2baby Reality we want to give every dad the opportunity to feel prepared and to support him in being the best dad he can be.

Our Just4dad sessions are facilitated by James and/or Sid, two local dads who have attended our antenatal courses and have very different experiences of supporting their partners from pregnancy through to early parenting. Sid and James have a wealth of knowledge and share their journeys through the eyes of a dad.

Please get in touch to find out more about our Just4dad sessions.

Our Just4dad sessions are held in a pub of their choice!