Infant Feeding Support & Home Visits

Book a home visit here or call 07960 323 874

All home visits are charged at £45.00 for approximately 2 hours

We want to support women in their decision to breast or bottle feed their baby.

Most of our home visits are associated with breastfeeding but our infant feeding service is here to offer support however you are choosing to feed your baby.  Our service is available to offer you support and advice on a private one to one within your own home or during our weekly coffee morning.

We aim to provide a high standard of care so that pregnant women and new mothers get the support they need to breast/ bottle feed successfully.

Women choosing to breastfeed we understand that sometimes breastfeeding can be stressful, exhausting and a challenge to establish. Bump2Baby Reality’s infant feeding team promise to give you as much guidance as you need to successfully breastfeed your baby. Not only can we help you to become an expert breastfeeding mum we can also advise you on the more complex issues of breastfeeding. Problems such as tongue tie, prematurity, mastitis and taking medications whilst feeding need not affect your ability to succeed. We offer advice and support on many breastfeeding issues, such as sore nipples, insufficient milk supply and nipple confusion. We will observe you feeding your baby and guide you to improve your latching techniques, position and attachment. We can talk about any concerns you have, perhaps expressing, using nipple shields, mixed feeding.

Our motto is simply ‘Happy Mum, Happy Baby’

Please don’t struggle – seek our support. We offer a prompt service listening to your concerns and observing your baby feed.

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and leave the worry to us!